Health Benefits of Relaxation

Health Benefits of Relaxation

Bills are overdue, papers are piling up at work, the kids are screaming – the everyday stressors of life can be quite overwhelming. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life, there are ways in which you can limit the harmful health effects that stress can put on your body. Sarah Klein with the Huffington Post identifies and explains 10 Health Benefits of Relaxation:

  1. Protects your heart
  2. Lowers your risk of catching a cold
  3. Boosts your memory
  4. Lowers your stroke risk
  5. Keeps you safe from depression
  6. Helps you make better decisions
  7. Keeps you slim
  8. Eases acne
  9. Keeps you “in the mood”
  10. Could slow breast cancer

To help you get started with relaxation and meditation, we have provided you with audio files of guided exercises created by Dartmouth College. Dartmouth College explains the different approaches to relaxation and provides several other free downloadable audio files including soothing music and muscle relaxation to help you with your relaxation efforts.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Calming Your Body: This exercise is a gentle introduction to becoming more in tune with your body. Particular attention is paid to breath work while inducing the relaxation response


Guided Relaxation: This exercise incorporates elements of guided imagery, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation.

Mindfulness meditation

Guided Meditation Amongst Tree Frogs: This listening track is meant to help you calm down and feel at peace in the present moment.


Just This Breath: These are exercises to increase your mindfulness of the present moment so that you can clear away thoughts about past and future events.