Little White Butterflies

Little White Butterflies

Following the tornado, the recurrent appearance of butterflies became a symbol of hope and recovery for the people of Joplin, Mo.  For one woman, these butterflies serve as a reminder that God is watching over her.  She tells the story of how these “little white angels” have restored her faith and lead her to believe like never before. 


May 22, 2011 wasn’t  a typical day for me. Usually that time of the year my husband is doing his job in another state. He happened to be home when this tornado hit. We’ve never been together during a tornado where our home is or where he happened to be working at the time in our 37 years of marriage.  Then, 2 weeks later we drove through a tornado east of Memphis, Tennessee. We were coming back home from a friend’s funeral in Georgia. We were together for 2 tornadoes in 2 weeks. WOW. We truly felt God put everything in place for us. We had quite a bit of damage to our house. We also had 23 big oak trees up-rooted. None of them fell on the house. My husband stayed home for 2-3 weeks to get contractors started on the house.

It was May 25, 2011 I saw my first little white butterfly. It actually landed on my hand. Nobody else saw it. Only ME. I’d never seen any of these butterflies around our home in the 12 years before that time. I felt it was an angel from God telling me that HE was taking care of ME. Since that day this has happened several times. Sometimes I see one, sometimes two flying around separately and other times like they’re playing together and at other times there’s three of them. Anytime they appear I’m the first one to see them. Nobody else sees them until I tell them. Many times I’m the only person to see them.

When they first appeared it was fairly often. Over time I see them less and less. The first time has been the only time they have ever landed on me. Whenever I see one, two or three, they are one day before I have  unexpected issues with a family member.  If I see one, it’s myself; two, it’s myself and one other family member; three, its myself  and two other family members.

I now feel like I’m seeing the butterflies less because many of the family issues have been taken care of by God.  God still sends ME these “little white angels” to remind ME that He’s taking care of ME.

I believe like I’ve never believed before!